ERH Contracting

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Working with Us

During the Project

Ø      Communication will occur on a regular basis as agreed to at the outset of the project.

Ø      Periodic inspections of work are done based on progress of the project.  Should you see any workmanship that concerns you please do not hesitate raise that with your project supervisor in our ongoing communications.

Ø      Our standard policy is to make the site “broom clean” at the end of each workday.  If your project is in an occupied home or establishment and you require a greater level of cleanliness, please discuss that with us and we will endeavor to quote that for you.

Ø      At points agreed to in our contract, requests for payment will be made.  It is at those times that you have the opportunity to accept or request adjustments to the work that has been performed thus far.  It is your responsibility to review our progress and the quality of our work and communicate any concerns.  Payments must be made promptly to allow continued progress on the project. 



Project Close-Out

Ø      As the end of the project nears (usually around 75% complete) we begin to creating an itemized list of outstanding open items.  As this list is being completed we will periodically request that the client reviews what we have deemed “complete” and informally sign off.  This is the first step in gaining agreement on the status of the project.

Ø      As we approach “substantial completion” (usually around 98%), a formal meeting is scheduled between the client and project supervisor to create a detailed “punch-list” of open items.  The purpose of this meeting is to get the client’s agreement on any and all items that the client feels needs correcting or adjusting so that we may close out the project.  The items on this list will be documented and a commitment will be made as to when those items will be completed.  The client should understand that upon completing these items the project will be deemed complete. 

Ø      After completing all punch list items a final walk through will occur concluding the entire project.  The final payment will then be due in accordance with the contract.


Continuing Relationship

Ø      To fully ensure customer satisfaction, within 30 days following completion of the project the client may request a set of minor finishing touches which we will endeavor to complete as promptly as possible.

Ø      It is our hope that you will be a reference customer, willing to tell others about your experience with us.

Ø      We have “handymen” on staff and can help you with small projects at competitive prices.  We value a long term relationship and want to help meet your needs for years to come.


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